Rules for journalists

Journalists can apply for festival accreditation from January 28th to February 18th. Accreditation Request Form and all the related information can be found in Accreditation section. Those journalists who fail to submit accreditation request within the above specified period and those whose request has been denied will not be able to enjoy the rights of accredited journalists.

Press Service and Festival Board retain the right not to approve issuing of festival accreditation.

Members of supporting technical crews will not be issued accreditation (cameramen, sound recordists, organizers, photographers). Supporting technical crews will be allowed access to all the places where journalists can go. Audio/visual recording and photographing in theaters during screening is not allowed. However, it is allowed during announcements and festival trailer.

Accredited journalists will have access to theaters, Press Center and other places where festival side programs are taking place. In addition, they can submit requests for interviews, use the video bar where a part of the films from the programs can be seen, use official festival photographs and other press materials and attend screenings, subject to producing their accreditation when requested.

Press Service retains the right to withdraw accreditation in case of abuse.