Audience choice - the best films of the 7th ZagrebDox


In addition to the renowned jury members, our dear audience also voted for the best films of their choice. Therefore, with great pleasure we announce the results of the T-Com audience award vote.

Aside from the known winner of T-Com’s award, ‘Waste Land’ by Lucy Walker, the following list contains nine audience favourites and the average rating, rounded to three decimals.

  1.  ‘Waste Land’....4.873
  2.  ‘Blood in the Cell Phone’....4.751
  3.  ‘Marwencol’....4.688
  4.  ‘Marathon Boy’....4.603
  5.  ‘My Good and Beautiful Friends’....4.564
  6.  ‘Position Among the Stars’....4.531
  7.  ‘Vlast (Power)’....4.515
  8.  ‘Racing Dreams’....4.483
  9.  ‘Smash His Camera’....4.436
10.  ‘Joseph and His Family’....4.423

Title photo: ‘My Good and Beautiful Friends’ by Davor Kanjir