Meet an extraordinary person who can fry a hot dog with bare hands in an attempt to become the first human laser!

Dušan Šaponja

Dušan Šaponja was born in 1976 in Zadar, Croatia. In 1995 he co-authored the Srbokap (Serbo-Cop), a popular radio drama wittily and subtly criticising the absurdity and ethical blindness of Milošević’s police machinery. Consequently the B92 station grew from an underground radio station into one of the most respective media networks in the region. Šaponja’s involvement with it has changed accordingly: mainly due to celebrated Ciklotron and A Fatal Journal documentary TV series.


Dušan Čavić

Dušan Čavić, born in Belgrade in 1974. In 1994 he started working at the B92 radio station, where he was quickly recognized of one of the most promising young authors. After year 2000 his professional identity grows virtually inseparable from the Ciklotron project – perhaps one of the most successful and distinguishing Serbian documentary TV series of all times.

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Biba struja

Serbia, Denmark
2012, 52', video

Directed by:
Dušan Šaponja, Dušan Čavić

Snežana Penev

Produced by:

Sales Agent:
Global Agency, Istanbul


Omladinskih brigada 196/43
11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Festivals & Awards:

WORKSHOPS / PITCHING FORUMS: IDFA 2012, Amsterdam – Best pitch; ZagrebDox 2010 – ZagrebDox Pro Award For Best Project; FESTIVALS: Beldocs 2012 – Best Serbian Documentary Film; Slamdance 2013; ZagrebDox 2013; Full Frame International Documentary Film Festival 2013, Durham (USA); Endeavours Doc Festival 2013, Singapore; AMFM Fest 2013 (USA); UnderhillFest (Podgorica); DocsDF 2013 (Mexico)