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Cities on Speed - Shanghai Space

Nanna Frank Møller

Shanghai is an explosion of transformation. Every other day a new building is completed, and every year the city’s population grows by half a million people. Authorities are desperately seekingout more space, while the city’s inhabitants must adapt to constantly changing surroundings. In an office on the 20th floor, government advisor Professor Shu prepares the next generation of youngurban planners for Shanghai’s future. In order to find the space needed forShanghai’s millions of inhabitants, plannersare now looking underground.

Nanna Frank Møller

Nanna Frank Møller was born 1972 in Denmark. Graduated in editing at the National Film School of Denmark, 1999. Edited several films, among them ‘The Land of Human Beings - My Film About Greenland’ (2006). Her directorial debut, ‘Someone Like You’ (2007) won the Grand Prix for Best Danish Film, Odense. ‘Let’s Be Together’ (2008), selected for CPH:DOX and IDFA’s Kids & Docs. In 2009 she directed ‘Cities on Speed - Shanghai Space.’

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Cities on Speed - Shanghai Space

2009, 56', color, video

Directed by:
Nanna Frank Møller

Nanna Frank Møller, Ke Dingding

Edited by:
Åsa Mossberg

Helle Faber

Produced by:
Bastard Film