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Another Perfect World

Femke Wolting, Jorien van Nes

‘Another Perfect World’ is a documentary about digital utopias, online worlds created as places for work, play, friendship and love. People have always created utopias, worlds that reflect the greatest, most enlightened and noble ideas of the period in which they live. The utopias of the future will be created online, in digital worlds capable of rendering photo-realistic depictions of whatever the mind can imagine with technologies that allow people from around the world to join in. We now have the chance to build a new world from scratch. If you were going to do so, on which principles would you establish it? What is more important: freedom of expression; an active marketplace to encourage social interaction; or laws to define the limits of social relations?

Femke Wolting

Femke Wolting (1970) has directed several documentaries in recent years, including ‘It’s the End of TV As We Know It’, ‘Sneakers, and Viktor & Rolf: Because we’re worth it!.’ In 2000 she became the co-founder and director of the Amsterdam- based production company Submarine and

Jorien van Nes

Jorien van Nes (1971) has directed a large body of documentaries, mockumentaries, reportages, and TV movies, primarily for Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Her repertoire includes many programs for the experimental series ‘Waskracht!,’ including documentaries such as ‘Dreamworld’ (2006) and ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Van Veen’ (2006).

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Another Perfect World

2009, color, video

Directed by:
Femke Wolting, Jorien van Nes

Pim Hawinkels, Jackó van ’t Hof

Edited by:
Jurjen Blick

Bram Meindersma

Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, 2009, FOCUS Jury Prize