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The Real World of Peter Gabriel

Dieter Zeppenfeld, Georg Maas

In the beginning of the 80s, rock star Peter Gabriel composed his first political song ‘Biko’ and started working with musicians from different parts of the world.
The film tells the story of the journey Peter Gabriel took from this starting point to his large political and social engagement. It started with the foundation of ‘Real World Records’ and led him to his innovative political initiatives for Human Rights, like ‘Witness’ and ‘The Elders’. Peter Gabriel’s work combines philosophy, technology and art, he tries to dissolve the line between ‘us and them’ and to develop a positive vision of globalization. The film tries to bring us in touch with the optimistic visions of the great artist of our time.

Dieter Zeppenfeld

Dieter Zeppenfeld is born in 1953, studied German philology and media. In 1982 he founded Bilderwaren, company for the production of education media. Co-Founder of ZINNOBER Film. Filmography: ‘Familie Sonnemann’ (2004), ‘Flüsse Der Genüsse 1’ (2007), ‘Flüsse Der Genüsse 2’ (2008), ‘The Real World Of Peter Gabriel’ (2009).

Georg Maas

Georg Maas is born 1960 in Aachen, Germany. Studied at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB). Filmography: ‘Pathfinders’ (1998), ‘NewFound- Land’ (2003), ‘The Real World Of Peter Gabriel’ (2009).

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The Real World of Peter Gabriel

2009, 53', color, video

Directed by:
Dieter Zeppenfeld, Georg Maas

Screenplay by:
Dieter Zeppenfeld, Georg Maas

Markus Belde

Edited by:
Birgit Koester, Markus Belde, Georg Maas

Peter Gabriel

Astrid Vandekerkhove

Produced by: