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Where the Sun doesn’t Rush

Matej Bobrik

This study, full of black humor, was made by a Lodz Film School student and presents a documentary portrait of a Slovak village – a dying world revived largely by funerals.

Matej Bobrik

Matej Bobrik is born in 1982 in Prague. Since 2006 he has been studying Film Directing at the Film School in Lodz. His films include ‘She Said She Loves Me’ (2007), ‘Akwarium’ (2008) and ‘Where the Sun Doesn’t Rush’ (2009).

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Tam, gdzie słońce się nie spieszy

2009, 18', video

Directed by:
Matej Bobrik

Screenplay by:
Matej Bobrik

Artur Sienicki

Edited by:
Barbara Snarska

Produced by:
National Film School in Lodz

Festivals & Awards:

49th Krakow Film Festival - Special Mention