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Waiting for Women

Estephan Wagner

Women have left the remote Spanish village of Riofrio years ago. Only men are left without the slightest hope to find relationship. Not tolerating this agonizing situation any longer, they organize a busload of single women to come from Madrid to alleviate their loneliness. Their dream is to fall in love! But as they have never learned how to deal with women, except for their mothers and some motorway prostitutes, the affair is a failure. Waiting for Women is a heart-warming documentary about love and solitude, about gender, migration and hope

Estephan Wagner

Estephan Wagner is Chilean/German documentary filmmaker, studied Theatre at International School of Image and Gesture in Santiago, Chile. Afterwards he moves to France and works as editor for ARTE. In 2007 he moves to London to make the Documentary Direction MA at the NFTS. His graduation film is award winning ‘Waiting For Women.’ He then directed ‘The Finishing Line’ a prime time documentary for Channel 4. He is currently directing ‘The Vanishing Worlds,’ a feature length documentary, and is shooting ‘Over the Ice’ a feature length documentary in Greenland.

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Esperando Mujeres

Great Britain
2009, 35', video

Directed by:
Estephan Wagner

Screenplay by:
Estephan Wagner

Estephan Wagner

Edited by:
Lawrence Huck

Roger Goula

Estephan Wagner

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Palm Springs International Film Festival -  Best Student Documentary; Festival La Fila - Best Documentary; International Documentary Festival Uruguay - Special Jury Mention; Exposures – Best Documentary; Yosemite Film Festival - John Muir Documentary Award; DocsDF Mexico City International Documentary Festival - Special Jury Mention Festival of Nations, Bronze Award