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Partly Private

Danae Elon

This is an intensely personal, ironic, witty look at the absurd ritual of male circumcision. Danae Elon documents her own pregnancy and the un-expected dilemmas and arguments she encounters with her partner and father of her unborn child Philip Touitou. What should they do to their baby boy’s penis? Determined and obsessed Danae sets out on a worldly quest to find out all she can about what ‘other people do’. The exploration leaves no rock unturned and exposes in an amusing way the flaws of simply being human. Through out the process we discover something about family, relationships and going to the edge of question.

Danae Elon

Danae Elon is an award winning producer and director. After graduating from NYU she produced and directed ‘Never Again Forever’ a controversial documentary on the Jewish Defense League. Her first feature documentary ‘Another Road Home’ was praised as one of the best films ever made about the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. ‘Partly Private’ is her second feature documentary film. She has won numerous awards for her work. These include prizes from the Jerusalem Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Tursak Film Festival, a Golden Spire Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival and others.

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Partly Private

2009, 18', video

Directed by:
Danae Elon

Andrew T. Dunn

Edited by:
M. Watanabe Milmore

David Buchbinder

Paul Cadieux

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Tribeca International Film Festival 2009 - Best New York Documentary