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Good Morning, Lenin!

Konrad Szolajski

A story about British tourists who want to have a Communist Polish Peasant Worker Experience. They milk cows, eat potatoes and are gratified by Vodka. But this isn’t just a survival holiday camp, it is a bitter lesson in rise and fall of ‘red ideas’ in contemporary European history.

Konrad Szolajski

Konrad Szolajski is born in 1956, Warsaw. He earned his degree in Polish Philology from Warsaw University (1979) and in Film Directing from the Radio and Television Department of the Silesia University in Katowice (1985). He went to study at the National Film School in Beaconsfield on a British Council Scholarship. He has made a number of fiction films as well as documentaries, which include ‘She Kick-boxer’ (1997), ‘Sex Teacher’ (1998), ‘She - MP’ (2002), ‘Alwernia’ (2004), ‘Funeral People’ (2004), ‘The Fat to Bed, the Slim to the Ball’ (2006) and ‘Entrappers’ (2007).

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Good Morning, Lenin!

2009, 50', video

Directed by:
Konrad Szolajski

Michal Slusarczyk

Edited by:
Jerzy Zawadzki

Konrad Szolajski

Produced by:
ZK Studio