Mimara Revisited

Danko Volarić

Almost overnight, the building of a grammar school from the days of Austria- Hungary was converted into a museum in which the items of the controversial art collector Ante Topić Mimara were housed. The ‘Louvre of Zagreb’, as it was nicknamed, witnesses the best about the hopes that were placed on this project. The Louvre of Zagreb is today mostly empty, its visitors are scarce; however, commercial activities taking place in it – fashion shows, auctions of paintings, book promotions, regional clubs – record good turnouts. Today, the classical architecture of this Austro-Hungarian grammar school provides an ideal setting for kitsch events of all kinds. The late donor thought of us as a ‘very primitive nation’, anyway.

Danko Volarić

Danko Volarić was born in Zagreb in 1961. In 1983 he obtained his degree in film and TV direction at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since 1984 he has been working as a film director on Croatian Radio and Television. He has directed and written documentary, educational, children’s and musical programs and quiz-shows.

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Mimara Revisited

2010, 29', color, video

Directed by:
Danko Volarić

Screenplay by:
Danko Volarić

Silvestar Kolbas

Edited by:
Hrvoje Mršić

Danijel Maoduš

Nenad Puhovski

Produced by: