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Pianomania – In Search for the Perfect Sound

Lilian Franck, Robert Cibis

Pianomania’ is a film about love, perfection and a little bit of madness. ‘The tone isn’t breathing.’ – complains pianist Pierre - Laurent Aimard, distraught. This is a typical sentence in Steinway & Sons’ chief technician and Master Tuner Stefan Knüpfer’s normal work day. Each piano has its own personality, each piece demands its own timbre, and every interpretation has a particular temperament. ‘Pianomania’ takes the viewer along on a humorous journey into the secret world of sounds, and accompanies Stefan Knüpfer at his unusual job with world famous pianists like Lang Lang, Alfred Brendel, Rudolf Buchbinder, Till Fellner and Pierre-Laurent Aimard, among others. To find the right instrument with the necessary qualities, compatible with the vision of the virtuoso, to tune it to perfection and to finally get it on the stage, needs nerves of steel, boundless passion, and the extraordinary competence in translating words into sounds.

Lilian Franck

Lilian Franck has been creating documentary films together with Robert Cibis in the international market for ten years. She studied at Film Academy in Baden- Württemberg, Germany, and the Grande Ecole Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in Paris.

Robert Cibis

Robert Cibis attended the master classes at both the German-French Film Academy Fémis in Paris and the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Germany. Before that, he has studied film in Paris and Rome and completed his master‘s degree at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in 1997.

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Pianomania – Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Klang

2009, 93', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Lilian Franck, Robert Cibis

Screenplay by:
Lilian Franck, Robert Cibis

Jerzy Palacz

Edited by:
Michèle Barbin

Robert Cibis, Vincent Lucassen

Produced by:
Oval Filmemacher, WILDart Film