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Bloody Mondays and Strawberry Pies

Coco Schrijber

Beauty, love, work... sometimes it just isn’t worth getting out of bed for. Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies examines the role of boredom in the human condition by showing the lives of a 32-year- old Wall Street stockbroker who makes millions a year, a desert nomad who does nothing all day, the last living female spy from World War II, a painter who has been painting Time for the last 42 years, and the first school shooter in history: Brenda Spencer who, at the age of 16 shot eleven people because: ‘I don’t like Mondays’. The actor John Malkovich gives voice to the inner bored human being. His fascinating timbre crawls under your skin and wonders: ‘How many people in the world are like me?’ The answers are right there in the silent Sahara of your mind.

Coco Schrijber

Coco Schrijber (1961) studied at the Rietveld Arts Academy, majoring Audio-visual. She made several films, of which many have been awarded: her debut ‘In Motion’ (1994), about a New York cabdriver and the childrens’ documentary ‘Not Big Enough’ (1997). Her first full length documentary ‘First Kill’ (2001), about one’s desire to kill, has won the Press Award at The Dutch Film Festival. Her film ‘Wonderful World’ (2005) was selected for many international festivals and awarded with prizes in Spain, Belgium, the United States and Scotland. ‘Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies’ is her second full length documentary.

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Bloody Mondays and Strawberry Pies

2008, 87', color, video

Directed by:
Coco Schrijber

Screenplay by:
Coco Schrijber

Martijn van Brokjulzen

Edited by:
Gys Zevenbergen

Marc Lizier

Harmen Jalvingh, JB Macrander

Produced by:
Bonanza Films

Festivals & Awards:

Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht 2008 - Golden Calf Award; Dokufest - Audience Award; Monterrey International Film Festival - Best Documentary, Best Editing