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Ljubica Janković Lazarić

This is a story about Ana Dragičević, a girl who spent five years in a psychiatric hospital near Rijeka, Croatia. Three of these years she spent there as a person of age, with no legal grounds for having to stay there. Today, she is facing the traumas from the hospital and is seeking justice at the court.

Ljubica Janković Lazarić

Ljubica Janković Lazarić was born in Pula. She took her degree in film direction at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) in the class of Prof. Ante Babaja. Since then she has directed committed documentary films. Since 2000, she occasionally teaches documentary film at ASIAN Film Marwa Academy. She is currently living and working in New Delhi, India.

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2009, 13', color, video

Directed by:
Ljubica Janković Lazarić

Screenplay by:
Ljubica Janković Lazarić

Tvrtko Mršić

Edited by:
Zoltan Wagner

Drago Škobić