Regional Competition

Trifun the Bomber

Slađan Stojanović

This is a story about Trifun Matic from the village of Binovce in South Serbia who has been trying for years to dig up an unexploded bomb out of his yard, the one NATO has entrusted him with. While cubic meters of earth are getting bigger and discontent and fear of neighbors culminate, old Trifun carries on with his battle. The loss of life has stopped worrying him a long time ago because, he says, he has nothing to lose any more.

Slađan Stojanović

Slađan Stojanović was born in 1972 in Vranje (Serbia). He obtained his degree in mass media management and is working as Serbian television’s (RTS) correspondent in Vranje. He made numerous materials, reports and programs for RTS. He directed a few documentary films that were shown at a number of international festivals and documentary film reviews. He initiated Dokument – the international review of documentary films taking place in Vranje. He is also an initiator and participant of the first RTS TV report Review in Vranje. His films include: ‘Gorešnjak’ (2005), ‘Magical Hands’ (2006), ‘Swimming Pool’ (2008), ‘Lela from Vranje’ (2008), ‘Trifun the Bomber’ (2008).

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Trifun bombaš

2008, 12', color, video

Directed by:
Slađan Stojanović

Screenplay by:
Slađan Stojanović

Slađan Stojanović

Edited by:
Dejan Stanković

Slađan Stojanović

Produced by:
RTS Branch Office Vranje

Festivals & Awards:

International Documentary Film Festival, Zlatna Buklija 2009, Serbia - First Prize

International Film Festival, Golden Knight 2009, Russia - Diploma for Artistic Direction

International TV Film Festival, Golden Beggar 2009, Slovakia - Zora Award for Special Achievements in TV Journalism

International Film Festival Balfest 2009, Bulgaria - Award for Constructive Objectivity and Outstanding Professionalism