Regional Competition

Tobacco Girl

Biljana Garvanlieva

Mümine, a 14yearold Turkish girl lives with her family in the high mountains of Macedonia. Her family belongs to the Turkish minority. Mümine’s family needs her for the difficult work in the tobacco fields – their only source of income. Mümine is raised in the tobacco plants and the things that are ripe are sold. She is sold to her future husband for 3000 Euros. Will she find a way out from this ‘law of nature’? She has two possibilities in the village: either to be married or to go to school, but then to be sold to her husband for a higher price. It is her dream to move to the city Skopje to go to school. She wants to become a teacher.

Biljana Garvanlieva

Biljana Garvanlieva was born in Skopje, Macedonia. After her studies at the Philology Faculties and Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje, she received a DAAD scholarship and continued studying in Tübingen and Berlin. After working as a radio journalist and playwright for theatre, she acted as director. Her debut film ‘Macedonia Dream – A Girl and Her Accordion’ won the most important German Short Film Award Golden Lola as well as the German Axel-Springer-Award for young journalists. The film received a Special Mention Award at ZagrebDox festival and many more international film awards. Her second film, award-winning ‘Tobacco Girl’ was screened at 6th ZagrebDox.

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Germany, Macedonia
2009, 30', color, video

Directed by:
Biljana Garvanlieva

Screenplay by:
Biljana Garvanlieva

Sussane Schüle

Edited by:
André Nier

Oliver Josifovski

Christian Beetz

Produced by:
Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion