Regional Competition

The SIgn on Kain

Ljiljana Šišmanović, Tihana Kopsa

Ana Magaš is a young woman sentenced on eight years of prison after killing her husband Lucijan in a self-defense. After three years in prison the president of the Republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, has amnestied Ana. When she came back to her hometown Zadar she became aware that struggle for her rights and ‘normal life’ is at its very beginning. Ana is aware that living together with her son is too much to expect. Even the social workers named her to be his legal guardian – her son refuses to see her. After she was released from the prison a new life begins, struggle for her child, finding a place to live, a job to do, facing the reality of ‘freedom’ and new expectations.


Ljiljana Šišmanović

Ljiljana Šišmanović was born in Zagreb in 1970. She graduated in Croatian Language and Class Teaching from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has made some thirty documentary films, mostly produced by the Croatian Radiotelevision. Her best-known documentaries, The Last Bay of the Panonian Sea (2002) and The Mark of Cain (2010, co-directed with Tihana Kopsa) were shown in official competition of national and international festivals (ZagrebDox, Croatian Film Days, Tabor Film Festival, Liburnia Film Festival, etc.). ZagrebDox screened her documentaries Half-sister (2006), The Cinkuši (2008), Passage for Stella (2014) and Unsuccessful Totally (2017).

Tihana Kopsa

In 1995 Tihana has joined the Croatian’s TV educational programme team where she has worked as 1st Assistant Director (1995-2000). In 2000 she began directing. During last nine years Tihana has directed more than 40 documentaries, documentary series, educational and science shows and reports.

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Znak na Kajinu

2010, 35', color, video

Directed by:
Ljiljana Šišmanović, Tihana Kopsa

Screenplay by:
Ljiljana Šišmanović, Tihana Kopsa

Ljiljana Šišmanović, Tihana Kopsa

Edited by:
Hrvoje Mršić

Damir Terešak

Produced by:
Maxima film