Regional Competition

The Last One

Rajna Radosavljević

The film is about the life of Stana Cerović from Šavnik, Montenegro, probably the last living woman playing a role of man in the Balkans. As a direct descendant of Novica Cerović, famous Montenegrin hero of the fight against Turks, she has had a very difficult task of preserving the line of the family of which Montenegro is proud of even today. As the youngest of five daughters, she was raised like a son in order to preserve the family name. Such women are traditionally called ostanice (‘the last ones’).

Rajna Radosavljević

Rajna Radosavljevic was born in Serbia 1969, journalist from ATV Banja Luka. Studied in Belgrade. 1998 to 2000 worked on the national television RTS. Since 2002 she is working on ATV.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
2009, 13', color, video

Directed by:
Rajna Radosavljević

Screenplay by:
Rajna Radosavljević

ATV Banja Luka

Edited by:
Antonio Bursać

Dragana Banjac

Produced by:
Alternativa TV