Regional Competition

The Destiny od Line 13

Irena Škorić

Tram No. 13 roams the streets of Zagreb, driving passengers to ‘everywhere and nowhere’. It caused the worst tram accident in the city’s history and has killed the most people. It often derailed. And yet, this charming old streetcar nicknamed ‘Genscher’ is a hotel on wheels and a lining room for the numerous ‘invisible’ Croatia that has been pushed to margins in these days of transition. It seems as both the tram and the people driving on it are traveling together to the scrap yard.


Irena Škorić

Irena Škorić graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. A Rector’s Prize winner, she participated at numerous local and international film festivals, garnering 50 awards. She directed over 30 films. Her Departure (2008) is one of the Croatian films that won most awards. The documentary film Destiny of Line 13 (2013) won the Audience Award at ZagrebDox 2010. Her short fiction film 9 March (2010) was the best Croatian short fiction film at the Pula Film Festival judging by the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean. She wrote and directed the feature narrative 7seX7 (2011). Her documentary Dear Lastan (2014) was screened at 2014 ZagrebDox and won the Audience Award. She is the artistic director of the event Croatian Film and New Media Night.

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Sudbina broja 13

2009, 59', color, video

Directed by:
Irena Škorić

Screenplay by:
Irena Škorić

Danijel Crnek, Darko Ferić, Bojana Burnać, Srđan Kokanov

Edited by:
Silvije Magdić

Boris Harfman

Irena Škorić

Produced by:
Irena Škorić