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Marija Walks in Silence

Marko Stanić

There are very few photographers as dedicated to record the changing of Zagreb as the 80-year old Marija Braut. She embraced this lonely profession (a witch’s profession, as she calls it) after she had left her husband and two children when she was 38. As an apprentice in Tošo Dabac’s studio, she soon proved worthy of the great master’s trust. Then followed numerous exhibitions and awards. Her monographs found their place in museums and galleries throughout the world. But who is really Marija Braut, this good spirit of Zagreb? This is the very question this documentary is trying to answer. By constantly following her, it shows how Marija, being a walking emotion, actually lives her art. Her inspiring biography is full of colorful characters and events, tragedies and successes. She opens up to the camera which, like a voyeur, records it all: from Marija’s daily routine and social habits to her full and sincere confessions to the interviewer. Invisible and silent for the viewers, the interviewer becomes her soul mate, her friend, someone to whom Marija will confide and communicate her emotions.

Marko Stanić

Marko Stanić was born in Zagreb in 1971. He obtained his degree in design at the University of Zagreb. From 1997 to 2001 he worked as a cameraman on Croatian Television. From 2001 to 2004 he was an artistic director and a photographer in an advertising agency. He directed and shot two documentaries: ‘Marija Walks in Silence’ and ‘Welcome to Zagreb’.

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Marija hoda tiho

2009, 43', color, video

Directed by:
Marko Stanić

Screenplay by:
Paula Bobanović

Marko Stanić, Denis Lepur

Edited by:
Marko Stanić

Denis Lepur, Marko Radigović

Durđica Božić

Produced by: