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Castles in the Air

Miroslav Sikavica

Mr. A comes from Somalia, a war-torn country ruled by fighting, hunger and pirates. Miss F was raised as a Sunni Moslem in secular Turkey. She was sexually harassed in the past and has converted to Judaism. Mr. B was one of the organizers of February 2007 protests against the UN envoy Maarti Ahtisari’s plan for the solution of the status of Kosovo. The police res- ponded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The three of them had to leave or flee their respective countries. They now live in the asylum-seekers’ center in Kutina, spending months of uncertainty awaiting the solution of their asylum applications.

Miroslav Sikavica

Miroslav Sikavica, a film and TV director, was born in Zagreb in 1975. His filmography includes: ‘The Cloud’ (2011), ‘Od 6 mjeseci do 3 godine’ (2010), ‘Direkt: Čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji’ (2009), ‘Direkt: Lopta, cipela, Coca-Cola’ (2008) ‘Gospođa za prije’ (2007), ‘Direkt: C2H5OH’ (2006), ‘Kako miriše nebo’ (2003), ‘Pad’ (2002). 'The Cloud' is his first feature-length documentary.

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Direkt: Čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji

2009, 28', color, video

Directed by:
Miroslav Sikavica

Screenplay by:
Neda Frank, Miroslav Sikavica

Iva Kraljević

Edited by:
Nina Velnić

Ask Me About My Invisible Enemies

Miroslav Sikavica

Produced by:
Fade In

Festivals & Awards:

Luksuz Film Festival, Slovenia, 2009, - Best Documentary