Regional Competition

Back Portrait

Vojin Vasović

‘Back Portrait’, a short film of five young artists from Serbia, Iran, England, USA and France, has come into being as an experiment based on playing with pictures and separate recording of sound. It is about tolerance, intolerance and fear manifested in small communities. People have an aversion to each other, guards are guarding monuments, dogs are barking.

Vojin Vasović

Vojin Vasović was born in Kragujevac, Serbia in 1985. He took his degree in TV direction at the Belgrade faculty of Dramatic Arts. He directed seven short feature films, an animated film, ‘Next’, and a documentary, ‘Imitation of Death’. He wrote scripts for a number of theater and radio dramas (‘Ja hoću u raj’, ‘Ubij se za mene’, ‘Čekajući princa’ and others). He directed the first season (10 episodes) of the children’s series ‘Stories from the Attic’. His thesis film won him Golden Lighthouse and Best Short Film Award at Lighthouse Festival in New Jersey, as well as Best International Film and Best Photography Awards at Early Bird Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. He would like to direct a feature-length animated film.

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Grupni portret s leđa

2009, 14', color, video

Directed by:
Vojin Vasović

Screenplay by:
Vojin Vasović

James Barret

Edited by:
Alireza Fashami

Dejan Petrović

Produced by:
Independent Film Center Filmart Požega