International Competition

The Housekeeper

Tali Yankelevich

In a small flat in Edinburgh live an aged Greek Orthodox priest and a Greek woman who takes care of him. After the priest leaves every morning for the mass she starts with the housework. Every day she carefully prepares his meals, cleans his room and makes his bed. Through the course of a day this observational tale slowly reveals the bonds that keep them together. Although not a love story is still a reflection on love.

Tali Yankelevich

Tali Yankelevich moved to the UK from Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2005. She studied documentary filmmaking at the London College of Communication for one year. The following year she moved to Edinburgh to attend the Edinburgh College of Art’s Film + TV course where, aside from dabbling in experimental projects and developing a keen eye for cinematography, Tali progressed her skills and passion for observational documentary. Tali is particularly interested in films with a universal tone which examine and celebrate mysteries behind everyday life.

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The Housekeeper

Great Britain
2009, 14', color, video

Directed by:
Tali Yankelevich

Rana Ayoub

Edited by:
Tali Yankelevich, VIcki Reid

Tali Yankelevich

Produced by:
Edinburgh College Of Art

Festivals & Awards:

Royal Television Society Scotland, Student Awards 2010 - Best Factual Award