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The Edge of Dreaming

Amy Hardie

If you dream your own death, can it come true? Director Amy Hardie thinks so. At least if you really start to believe in the dream. ‘The Edge of Dreaming’ shows how this happened to her. One night, she wakes with a start after dreaming that her horse has died. The next morning, she finds him dead in the fields near her house. When, shortly afterwards, the deceased father of her oldest child comes to her in a dream and tells her that her next birthday will be her last, she starts to worry. She doesn’t want to believe it, but the thought just won’t let her go. The seed of fear has been sown and it starts to grow, particularly when she gets sick and can’t pinpoint the cause. Her search for a solution leads her to neuroscience, psychotherapy, Shamanism, and the insight that she cannot ignore the ravaged state of our planet. Her final conclusion is that she doesn’t want to live as if each day may be her last, but as if we will all be here forever.

Amy Hardie

Amy Hardie is an award winning filmmaker and lecturer. She has specialized in both making and teaching documentary for a number of years. Her successful feature documentary ‘Kafi’s Story’ (1991) won the Joris Ivens Award for Best Documentary.
In 2001, she received a Creative Scotland Award to develop her film ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Dying’. In 2002 she founded Docspace. Amy Hardie helped set up the Scottish Documentary Institute in February 2004 with Noe Mendelle, where she is now Head of Research.

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The Edge of Dreaming

2009, 73', color, video

Directed by:
Amy Hardie

Amy Hardie, Ian Dodds

Edited by:
Mike Culyba, Colin Monie, Ling Lee

Jim Sutherland

Amy Hardie, Lori Cheatle, Georgie Chignell

Produced by:
Amy Hardie Productions, Hard WOrking Movies, Passion Pictures, Doug Block for Hard Working Movies