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Anna Kazejak

‘Sidetrack’ is a film about people united by a specific and a bit forgotten form of spending free time on train holidays. We meet people of different age - a child, youth and also elderly people. Scenes of their holidays form a mosaic of different characters and memoirs. Situations and dialogues which seem to be insignificant, illustrate a human being’s struggle in life. The pictures were taken in Hel - the last wagon town of this kind in Poland. The motif of road in this document is a metaphor of life and passing of time. ‘Sidetrack’ is a cordial, sometimes funny and touching film. It’s a film about the colors of life, which turns out to be only a short stop, a moment, a side-track.

Anna Kazejak

Anna Kazejak is born in 1979 in Bytom. She studied Culture Studies in Łódź and Katowice as well as Film Directing at Łódź Film School, where she received her diploma. She makes documentaries, which include ‘My Place’ (2003), ‘Jesteśmy’ (2004), fiction films, such a ‘You Are There’ (2004), and novels. Her films have won awards in Cottbus, Tbilisi, Beirut, Trieste, Rio de Janeiro and Gdynia, among others.

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2009, 44', color, video

Directed by:
Anna Kazejak

Screenplay by:
Anna Kazejak

Jakub Giza

Edited by:
Jaroslaw Kaminski

Stanislaw Krzeminski

Produced by:
Besta Films

Festivals & Awards:

49th Krakow Film Festival - Special Mention; East European Forum - Special Mention; DocBoat, Warsaw NON- fiction e-fest - Audience Award