International Competition

Notes on the Other

Sergio Oksman

On July 13, 1924, Ernest Hemingway was on a balcony in Pamplona, Spain and saw a wounded main lying on the other side of the street. He became consumed with the feeling that he was that man, seeing himself in the near-dead Spaniard who had been attacked by bulls. ‘I am him,’ Hemingway later wrote. It was the very first time he wanted to be someone else, so he created the character of the adventurous writer. ‘Notes on the Other’ follows the example of Hemingway’s remarkable sensation in the form of an annual Hemingway lookalike contest in Key West, Florida. Dozens of older men do their utmost to be Hemingway, but what are they looking for? The film investigates the idea of the ‘other,’ of being able to see things from another perspective, beyond one’s own field of vision. What is the reality of our own existence and how fascinating would it be to escape that reality and see what we cannot observe ourselves? Inspired by the photo of the Spaniard who lay on the street in Pamplona in 1924, the film uses relatively simple means to generate curiosity for alternate perception, for stepping outside of ourselves to contemplate the world in a different way, if only for a little while.

Sergio Oksman

Sergio Oksman was born in Brasil in 1970. He studied Journalism at Sâo Paulo and Film Studies at New York. He is direction professor in NIC (Madrid Film Institute) and he directs film for Documenta Films since 2000.

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Apuntes sobre el Otro

2009, 13', color, 35 mm

Directed by:
Sergio Oksman

Screenplay by:
Carlos Muguiro, Sergio Oksman

Daniel Sosa

Edited by:
Sergio Oksman

Manuel Campos

Mario Madueno, Sergio Oksman

Produced by:
Pantalla Partida, Documenta Films

Festivals & Awards:

Warsaw Film Festival - Best Short Documentary; 41a Muestra Cinematográfica del Atlántico Alcances 2009 - Caracola Award for the Best Short; Cinemad 2009 - 1o Premio Categoría Ficción; Festival Corto Ciudad Real - Best Documentary