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Iron Crows

Bong-Nam Park

Everyday some 20,000 people in Chittagong, a port city of southern Bangladesh risk their lives for 2$US. They dismantle retired old ships from all over the world. An average of 20 workers dies in Chittagong every year. Despite the harsh working environment full of contaminants and toxic gases, the ships are gifts from God. A 21 year old Belal who left home 10 years ago, a master gascutter Rufik who worked in Chittagong for 32 years and a 12 year young child laborer Ekramul tell a heart-breaking story of their lives with breathtaking views of the ship breaking yards.

Bong-Nam Park

Bong-Nam Park is a producer/director born in 1966 and majored Korean history at Seoul National University. Over the last 15 years Park has directed and produced around 30 documentaries. Despite the diversity of the subjects he has chosen for his filmmaking, Park’s interest has always been focused on Asia and the people of Asia. Having won the best mid-length award at IDFA, the largest documentary film festival with ‘Iron Crows’, Park is now working on his next project ‘Hungry River’, a sequel to ‘Iron Crows’. Besides being a filmmaker, he is also actively involved in activities to promote and support Korea’s documentary scene. Park has led the education department of Korea Independent Producer’s Association since 2007.

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Iron Crows

South Korea
2009, 59', color, video

Directed by:
Bong-Nam Park

Screenplay by:
Ye-Won Moon, Bong Nam Park

Yeon Taek Sao, Syed Munna

Edited by:
Bong Nam Park

Jong-Yun We, Coral Sand, Yong-Jin Jung

Kyung-Ran Kang

Produced by:
Frontline News Service

Festivals & Awards:

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - Award for Mid-Length Documentary