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Du Haibin

At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a strong earthquake ruptured a large area around the city of Beichuan, in China’s Sichuan province. With widespread loss of life and massive destruction, the community was completely destroyed. Ten days later, film-maker Du Haibin arrived at the scene to record the aftermath of the catastrophe. His camera tracks the ghoulish carnival of activity that surrounded the disaster site - looters, desperate survivors scrabbling for remains of their former lives, impassive government officials. Returning some months later, Haibin shot footage around the area which provides a contrast to the urgent misery of the immediate aftermath.

Du Haibin

Du Haibin was born in Baoji City in Shanxi Province in China. Studied painting from childhood. In 1993 studied Painting and Photography at the Beijing Central Academy of Arts. In 1996 entered Beijing Film Academy in the Photography department. In 1998 started documentary filmmaking and creative photography work. Du Haibin has made numerous feature documentaries and two fiction films. Filmography: ‘Along the Railway’ (2000), ‘Under the Skyscraper’ (2002), ‘Life in Beijing’ (2003), ‘Little Red Flowers’ (2004), ‘Beautiful Men’ (2005), ‘Stone Mountain’ (2006), ‘Umbrella’ (2007) and ‘1428’ (2009).

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2009, 121', color, video

Directed by:
Du Haibin

Liu Ai'guo

Edited by:
Mary Stephens

Xu Chunsong

Ben Tsiang

Produced by:
CNEX Foundation Limited Du FIlms

Festivals & Awards:

Venice Film Festival - Horizons Documentary Award