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Children of the Sun

Ran Tal

‘Children of the Sun’, shows us the storied world of the Israeli kibbutz movement from a largely unexplored perspective – that of the first generation of children who were born on the kibbutzim and lived there for most of their lives. The earliest inhabitants of the collective communities had high hopes for a better way of life, and their children were the first to be raised according to these new ideas. They were destined to become the ‘New Man,’ the new face of the Jewish people. Oblivious to the high stakes placed on their existence, the children simply grew up, gradually absorbing the concepts their parents impressed upon them. Their parents spent time with them once a day but left primary care to nannies. The children became their own family. Denied material possessions, they threw themselves into the unceasing physical labour, strict ideology and ceremonial rites of passage expected of them.

Ran Tal

Ran Tal was born in Kibbutz Beit Hashita, Israel. He studied film and television at Tel Aviv University, and has directed several short and feature-length documentaries and fiction films. Among his films are the shorts ‘Merchant of Feelings’ (1994), ‘67 Ben Tsvi Road’ (1998) and ‘Prosthesis’ (1999), and the feature-length ‘My Dream House’ (2005) and ‘Children of the Sun’ (2007).

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Yaldei Ha’shemesh

Israel, USA
2007, 70', color/bw, video

Directed by:
Ran Tal

Screenplay by:
Ran Tal, Ron Goldman

Robert Ziller

Edited by:
Ron Goldman

Avi Belleli

Amir Harel, Ayelet Kayit, Ran Tal

Produced by:
Lama Films

Festivals & Awards:

Jerusalem Film Festival – Best Documentary