Bogdan Žižić - Author's Night

Bogdan Žižić – Selected ‘Documentaries with no Comment’

Bogdan Žižić

A Praise to the Hands, Zagreb film, 1967., 12’30’’, bw

Jasenovac, Zagreb film, 1967., 11’50’’, bw

The Morning of a Clean Body, Zagreb film, 1969., 9’30’’, bw

Foreign Worker, Zagreb film, 1977., 16’30’’, color

The Market, Zagreb film, 1982., 16’, color

One Life, Zagreb film, 1985., 17’32’’, color


Bogdan Žižić

Bogdan Žižić was born in Solin in 1934. He graduated law in 1957, and worked as a dramaturge at Zagreb Film, where he later became a manager. From 1964 he is directing documentary films. Many of them were awarded at festivals: ‘Pohvala ruci’ (1968), ‘Otkopčati dugme’ (1968), ‘S onu stranu mora’ (1968), ‘Ivana’ (1981), ‘Emanuel Vidović’ (1989), ‘Goli otok’ (1994). He was also working on short films: ‘Madeleine, mon amour’ (1971), ‘Putovanje’ (1972), ‘Presa’ (1981). His great success came at Pula Film Festival, where his film ‘Kuća’ (1975) was awarded with Great Golden Arena. He directed lots of TV documentaries and educational shows.