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Supermen of Malegaon

Faiza Ahmad Khan

‘Supermen of Malegaon’ follows a small group of people, deep in India’s hinterland, for whom the fantasy associated with film has become the currency with which they buy their sanity, the irrepressible nature of their spirit. Malegaon, tucked away near the heart of India geographically, is fraught with communal tension, under severe economic depression. Yet it houses a tiny film industry. Having begun with tributes, the industry now churns out quirky, low-budget, socially aware, notoriously funny spoofs. Their ambition has grown; they are ready to take on Superman. We follow them on this journey. At times funny, tragic, contemplative. Always warm and engaging.

Faiza Ahmad Khan

Faiza Ahmad Khan graduated from a course in Social Communications Media in 2002. After graduation she worked as a Production Executive in Ad-film company. In 2004, she left to do freelance work, including short films and documentaries. A year later she worked with critically-acclaimed director Manish Jha as a Chief Assistant Director on his feature film, ‘Anwar’. In early 2007 she came across the Supermen of Malegaon and by October, they became the subject of her first fulllength documentary film.

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Supermen of Malegaon

2008, 52', color, video

Directed by:
Faiza Ahmad Khan

Gargey Trivedi, Parasher Bruah

Edited by:
Shweta Venkat

Sneha Khanwalkar, Hitesh Sonik

Faiza Ahmad Khan, Chung-Yong Park, Siddharth Thakur

Produced by:
Caldecott Productions

Festivals & Awards:

2008 Asiatic Film Mediale - Award for Best Documentary