Happy Dox

Constantin and Elena

Andrei Dascalescu

In a Romanian village, an elderly couple has been happily married for almost 55 years. Constantin and Elena know that life must end, but are happy with everything that they’ve had. They fill their days with chores in and around the house, going to church and receiving welcome visitors, not to mention a catnap every now and then. Everything that these two old lovebirds do goes slowly: from helping each other get dressed and climb ladders to weaving Elena’s beautiful tapestries. Often they sing old Romanian songs at the top of their voices, or Constantin’s old battle songs from his army days. Constantin and Elena aren’t afraid of death, and discuss it in a practical way. They’re proud of what they’re leaving behind and happy with their love. But they do think it’s unfortunate that they have so little time left together. Director Dascalescu spent a year following this loving couple. This love story tells itself in images, and the filmmaker - also the couple’s grandson - keeps himself invisible.

Andrei Dascalescu

Andrei Dascalescu was born in Piatra Neamt, Romania, in 1984. Graduated Film University in Bucharest, worked as editor and sound engineer on many films, including Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Youth Without Youth’. He produced and directed ‘Fly’ a 2 minute feature, selected in 11 festivals. ‘Constantin and Elena’ is his feature documentary debut.

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Constantin si Elena

Romania, Spain
2008, 100', color, video

Directed by:
Andrei Dascalescu

Andrei Dascalescu

Edited by:
Andrei Dascalescu

Andrei Dascalescu, Roberto Blatt

Produced by:
Filmlab, Chellomulticanal

Festivals & Awards:

Amsterdam IDFA - First Appearance Award