Happy Dox

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

Chris Waitt

Freshly dumped and deeply despondent over what seems to be an endless string of disastrous relationships, lovelorn filmmaker Chris Waitt attempts to root out the source of his romantic woes by tracking down each of his ex-girlfriends and asking them point blank about his shortcomings as a boyfriend. The answers Waitt receives are frequently as pointed as his questions, providing unguarded insight into the psyche of a self-absorbed, semi-delusional Lothario who rarely managed to arrive for a date on time much less follow through on his pillow-talk promises. Later taken to task by his own mother, the long-suffering relationship bungler eventually turns to therapy, acupuncture, and even Viagra in hopes of learning the secrets to loving like a true grown-up.

Chris Waitt

Chris Waitt is a failed rock star who has worked in cheap films and television, producing work in a wide variety of genres from surf videos to soft porn. His personal obsession with puppets led to the creation of ‘Fur TV’ (2006), which has been commissioned for MTV. In 2005, he won a Scottish BAFTA for his short ‘Dupe’, which was also nominated at the British Independent Film Awards.

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A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

Great Britain
2008, 93', color, video

Directed by:
Chris Waitt

Steven Mochrie

Edited by:
Mark Atkins, Chris Dickens, Henry Trotter

Chris Waitt

Henry Trotter, Mary Burke

Produced by:
Warp Films Ltd.