Controversial Dox

The Ghosts of Zagreb

Jadran Boban

This film is a bitter sweet chanson following five ninety- some old former members of Zagreb anti-facist illegal movement storytelling, while they are taking the walk through the streets of their town, remembering, as they say, most horrifying but also most enthusiastic period of they lives. The times that have been purposely concealed in recent Croatian history.

Jadran Boban

Jadran Boban was born in 1969. in Zagreb. He has been working as freelance designer, illustrator and video artist for several theatre plays. This is his first feature documentary film.

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Duhovi Zagreba

2008, 75', color, video

Directed by:
Jadran Boban

Screenplay by:
Edin Tuzlak, Jadran Boban

Jadran Boban

Edited by:
Jasmina Špiček

Kristijan Kaurić

Produced by:
Brojka Production