Controversial Dox


Peter Galison

This documentary explores the invisible world of government secrecy. Is it a good or a bad thing? Secrecy safeguards against nuclear proliferation and is a weapon against terrorism. Governments keep information secret that could harm the national security. But secrecy can also conceal corruption of leaders. ‘Secrecy’ explores tensions between our safety as a nation, and our ability to function as a democracy.

Peter Galison

Peter Galison is Professor of History of Science and Physics at Harvard University. His books on Physics received many awards. He also made films and other visual works. Robb Moss has shot and shown films worldwide. He has been awarded at Sundance Film Festival and taught filmmaking at Havard University for the past twenty years.

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2008, 85', color, video

Directed by:
Peter Galison

Screenplay by:
Peter Galison, Rob Moss

Stephen McCarthy, Austin de Besche

Edited by:
Chyld King

John Kusiak

Chyld King

Produced by:
Redacted ictures, Impact Partners

Festivals & Awards:

Independent Film Festival Boston - Special Jury Award for Documentary Features; Newport International Film Festival - Best Documentary