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Searching for a Storm

Jack Baric

Searching for a Storm is a documentary film that asks if the UN is guilty of using its international war crimes court to justify UN failures during the war in the former Yugoslavia. Critics charge that the UN’s International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is attempting to create a narrative which justifies the UN wartime position that the conflict in the Balkans was a civil war and not a war of aggression by Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic. This charge is especially relevant to the current war crimes case of Croatian general Ante Gotovina, who has been indicted as a war criminal by the UN court. Gotovina is a hero in Croatia for leading Operation Storm, a military operation that liberated the country after four years of Serb occupation. However, many crimes were committed in the operation’s aftermath and Gotovina is being tried as a war criminal for his command responsibility. Juxtaposing current interviews with archival footage, Searching for a Storm examines UN wartime policies to learn if they may have contributed to the war’s tragedies and the film asks if Gotovina is guilty or a political scapegoat for UN failures during the war.

Jack Baric

Jack Baric studied Marketing at University of Southern California. He is San Pedro journalist of Croatian origin, owner of Pirate Town Productions. PTP produces documentary films, commercials and corporate videos.

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Searching for a Storm

2009, 90', color, video

Directed by:
Jack Baric

Screenplay by:
Jack Baric, Jared Cotton

Jared Cotton, Mary Galante

Edited by:
Christoper Burke

Arif Hodzic

Jack Baric, Andrea Balen

Produced by:
Pirate Town Productions