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Letter to Anna

Eric Bergkraut

On October 7, 2006, Vladimir Putin’s 54th birthday, the journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot in the lift of her Moscow home. Anna’s death is a personal tragedy: she has just learnt that she is to become a grandmother. But the murder is also a political act, for Politkovskaja was the President’s fiercest critic. Why was she shot in cold blood, this elegant woman who was always on the side of the weak and those who had no rights? Was it because of the stance she took against the war in Chechnya – a war that was virtually ignored in the world at large and yet became a turning point in Anna’s life? ‘Letter to Anna’ – a personal quest, but also a political film.

Eric Bergkraut

Eric Bergkraut was born in 1957 in Paris, France. Studied acting at the Theatre Academy of Zurich. Worked as actor in theater, film and television. Since 1991 works as documentary filmmaker. Filmography: ‘The Sorcer From Entlebuch’ (2007), ‘Agota, Nine Years Later’ (2006), ‘Coca, The Dove From Checenya’ (2005), ‘The Flying Abbot’ (2003), ‘Continent K’ (1997).

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Letter to Anna

2008, 83', color, video

Directed by:
Eric Bergkraut

Screenplay by:
Eric Bergkraut

Laurent Stoop

Edited by:
Vendula Roudnicka

Marie-Jeanne Serero

Eric Bergkraut

Produced by:
p.s. 72 productions, Zero One Film

Festivals & Awards:

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Merit Award; 2008 One World Human Rights Film Festival - Vaclav Havel Award