Controversial Dox

Hot Blood

Marko Mamuzić

Seven years after the fall of Milosevic’s regime and the revolution of October 5th, Serbia is still a country largely isolated from the rest of the world where extreme right-wing parties are getting stronger every day. What is most worrying is the fact that the incidents caused by the ultra-rightist groups, made up mostly of very young people, have become public and more frequent following the year 2000. It is this very extremism that is the key topic of this film, and authorst tried to point out and warn against the expansion of dangerous phenomena such as fascism and Neo-Nazism.


Marko Mamuzić

Marko Mamuzić, born in 1966 in Lyon, is a graduate of the Arts Plastiques Sorbonne (DEUG), the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He is the author of the award-winning documentary films Granica, Vrela krv, Izgubljeni film, Memento 26, Paulin dvor, Život Roma as well as several short TV films made for Al Jazeera International and PG Mreža.

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Vrela krv

2008, 51', color, video

Directed by:
Marko Mamuzić

Screenplay by:
Miloš Teodorović, Ivana Lalić Majdak

Nikola Majdak

Edited by:
Dejan Luković

Vojislav Besić

Lazar Lalić

Produced by: