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Dario Lonjak

A view at life from the perspective of a non-typical disabled war veteran Srećko, who idles his time away in numerous ways, remembering the days spent in war at the same time. The film is trying to show what lies behind this 450-pound man with a few Nazi tattoos, suffering from advanced PTSP who never stops smiling.

Dario Lonjak

Dario Lonjak was born in Karlovac in 1987. He completed his primary and secondary education there. In 2001, he joined Karlovac Cinema Club and made a few short films in their production (mostly feature films and video clips). Some of them won awards at Croatian and international festivals. After high school, in 2006, he was admitted to the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. He worked as the assistant director on a long feature film of Branko Schmidt and short film of Kristijan Milić. He is about to complete the third year of his studies of film and TV directing. He is working on his thesis film, too.

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2008, 10', color, video

Directed by:
Dario Lonjak

Screenplay by:
Dario Lonjak

Dario Lonjak

Edited by:
Vedran Štefan

Dario Lonjak, Vedran Štefan

Marko Sušac

Produced by:
produkcija ADU