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Velimir Rodić

Hrvoje Novosel is the instructor in cathechism and biodynamical farm producer. He is the follower of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian philosopher, author of antrophozophy, Waldorfian school system and biodynamical agriculture based on traditional human knowledge and cosmical natural processes. Hrvoje’s relationship to Steiner is in conflict with the Catholic church which puts the strains in his daily work in school teaching of cathechism. This is why he has been relieved from teaching in 6 schools in a short period, each time the new teaching post (school) being more distant in time and travelling from his home. The documentary also reveals what is the relationship between his main character and duke Mishkin –the idiot from the novel of Fiodor Michailovich Dostojevsky.

Velimir Rodić

Velimir Rodić was born in 1959 in Croatia, attended the Academy of Drama Arts (TV and Film Directing) at Zagreb University. Active in HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision) Children Programme where he is the scriptwriter, film director and even the animator in series ‘Otokar’ (about 90 episodes). Rodić is also a composer writing the songs for the HRT’s Children Programme with more than 200 programmes recorded. He was awarded with more than 20 awards at Revue of Croatian film and video making for children and youth.

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2008, 39', color, video

Directed by:
Velimir Rodić

Screenplay by:
Velimir Rodić

Dragan Ruljančić

Edited by:
Igor Kožić

Velimir Rodić, Tomislav Ocvirek

Produced by: