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Rasim Karalić

In eastern Bosnia mountains, the last draymen are fighting for their survival not exempting neither themselves nor their animals.

Rasim Karalić

Rasim Karalić was born in Zavidovići (Bosnia - Herzegovina) in 1967. He makes socially - oriented documentary films about ‘ordinary people’ who have hard and unusual jobs, as well as films on traditional crafts which are on the brink of extinction. Films: ‘Sheepherds – People from Pastures Grounds’ (2006), ‘My Name Is Hodžić Safet’ (2006), ‘Furmani’ (2006), ‘Kata’ (2006), ‘Centipede’ (2008) etc. He lives and works in Delnice, Croatia.

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2008, 20', color, video

Directed by:
Rasim Karalić

Vis Videostudio

Edited by:
Rasim Karalić

Alma Karalić

Produced by:
Vis Videostudio

Festivals & Awards:

2008 Unica IFF – Gold Medal; 2008 Liburnia film fest - Jury prize