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Namik Kabil

The story of multiethnic Sarajevo today sounds like an ironic and sad stereotype because it is a retroactive referral to Sarajevo’s previous multi ethnicity which was heavily devastated during the war. Still, even in today’s Sarajevo there are islands of different thinking. One such island is the Pontanima choir, a bridge of souls, which operates at the Franciscan St. Anthony’s Church in Bistrik.


Namik Kabil

Namik Kabil, a Bosnian writer/director, has for the last seven years been working as a documentary program commissioning editor at Federal Television in Sarajevo. He lived in the US where he studied film production. He wrote and directed feature films, directed several award-winning documentaries and wrote two novels.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
2008, 20', color, video

Directed by:
Namik Kabil

Screenplay by:
Namik Kabil


Edited by:
Timur Makarević

Boro Kontić

Produced by:
Mediacentar Sarajevo