International Competition

Brides of Allah

Natalie Assouline

Israeli director Natalie Assouline chronicles the lives of women who are serving time in prison for involvement in terrorist attacks in Israel. The intimate portrait, filmed over the course of two years, strives to uncover the motivations behind the actions of these women. We share the daily lives of these women, we are with them when they give birth, we listen to their pain when they talk about husbands who abandoned them, and we watch them take charge within the prison structures. We hear of religious ideology, but also of discrimination and despair in the world these women come from. It’s a world where a woman who has shamed her family has but one way of redeeming herself.

Natalie Assouline

Born in Israel, Natalie Assouline is a talented young documentary film director. Her thesis film ‘Final Goodbye’ was selected for IDFA 2002, Silver Wolf Competition and also won First prize at the Docaviv Documentary Film Festival 2002. Natalie runs a program to teach film to inner city children. ‘Brides of Allah’ is her first full-length documentary.

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2008, 76', color, video

Directed by:
Natalie Assouline

Natalie Assouline, Gonen Glazer, Asher Ben Yair, Avigayil Sperber

Edited by:
Sarah Salomon

Talia Kleinhendler

Produced by:
Pie Films Ltd

Festivals & Awards:

2008 Berlin International Film Festival - Fipresci Award; 2008 Prix Italia - Special Prize in the category Communication for Life; 2008 Osnabruck Film Fest - Peace Award