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Mikhail Zheleznikov

When I was little I used to walk around town, and I often noticed people sitting in booths. And I asked myself: Why are they sitting there? Maybe they are serving out some sort of punishment. What are they doing inside their booths? What are they thinking about? It’s probably hot in there. Or maybe it’s cold. Do they have home? A family? What kind of people are they? – the film in ironical manner tries to answer this questions. It’s a film about people from booths of the big city.

Mikhail Zheleznikov

Mikhail Zheleznikov was born in Leningrad in 1972. Made films for ARTE and YLE, Corona Films, Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Filmography: ‘Something in the Air’ (2001), ‘Tales on the Marshes’ (2002), ‘Lara, Her Dogness’ (2003), ‘Children Of The Corn’ (2004), ‘The Flock’ (2004), ‘Good Morning!’ (2005), ‘Collection No1’ (2006), ‘Timewarp’ (2008), ‘Booths’ (2008).

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2008, 26', color, video

Directed by:
Mikhail Zheleznikov

Screenplay by:
Mikhail Zheleznikov

Solmaz Guseinova

Edited by:
Larisa Solovtsova

Denis Skavijar Ladkevich

Vyacheslav & Alex Telnov

Produced by:
Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio