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Summer in Narita

Ogawa Shinsuke

1968 – the year of students’ and workers’ revolt against established authorities around the world. At Narita Airport, residents of the farming village Sanrizuka rose up in protest against the New Tokyo International Airport Project, a project that had been decided upon without any respect to local concerns. This film is the first in Ogawa Productions Narita series, a series of seven films that would be completed eight years later. It is through this series that Ogawa established his method of living among his own subjects. The camera follows the Youth Brigade, armed and determined, in their struggles with the riot police.

Ogawa Shinsuke

Ogawa Shinsuke, born in Tokyo in 1936. Served as assistant director at Iwanami Productions from 1960, and participated in Ao no Kai with Higashi Yoichi, Iwasa Hisaya, Kuroki Kazuo, and Tsuchimoto Noriaki. Became freelance in 1964 and began producing films independently with Sea of Youth (1966) and A Report from Haneda (1967). Founded Ogawa Productions in 1968 and lived in the farming village of Sanrinzuka while producing the Sanrinzuka series. Continued making films from the viewpoint of farmers. In 1974 moved to Magino in Yamagata Prefecture’s Kaminoyama City, and made A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura (1982) and Magino Village—A Tale while growing rice and observing life in a farming village. He passed away on February 7, 1992. 

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Sanrizuka no natsu

1968, 108', bw, 16 mm

Directed by:
Ogawa Shinsuke

Otsu Koshiro, Tamura Masaki

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Hayashi Hikaru

Kobayashi Hideko, Fuseya Hiroo

Produced by:
Ogawa Production