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ostPUNK! Too Much Future

Carsten Fiebeler, Michael Boehlke

Fiebler’s and Boehlke’s gripping documentary looks at the lives of six East German punks 20 years after their teen resistance upset their country’s totalitarian rulers. Cornelia Schleime founded the punk band Zwitschermaschine and inevitably became a target of permanent surveillance. Bernd Stracke, singer of the legendary Leipzig band Wutanfall (Fit of Rage), was imprisoned twice then forced to leave the country. Others suffered similar fates: Colonel, a central figure of the East German punk scene; Daniel Kaiser, bass-player with Planos (Without a Plan); Mita Schamal of Namenlos (Nameless), imprisoned as punishment for the band’s explicit political lyrics; Mike Gode is still performing, as lead singer of the hardcore punk band Punishable Act. According to the film’s scriptwriter, everybody in the GDR was forced to deal with the punk phenomenon.

Carsten Fiebeler

Carsten Fiebeler is born 1965 in Zwickau, Germany. Director and screenwriter. Filmography: ‘ostPUNK! too much future’ (2006), ‘Kleinruppin Forever’ (2004), ‘Die Datsche’ (2002), ‘Himmlische Helden’ (2001)

Michael Boehlke

Michael Boehlke is director and screenwriter. ‘ost- PUNK! too much future’ is his debut film.

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ostPUNK! Too Much Future

2006, 93', color/bw

Directed by:
Carsten Fiebeler, Michael Boehlke

Screenplay by:
Henryk Gericke, Michael Boehlke, Carsten Fiebeler

Robert Laatz, Daria Moheb Zandi

Christiane Thieme, Stefanie Brummer

Produced by:
Egoli Tossell Film Leipzig GmbH