Fathers and Sons

Scenes from a Wild Boar Hunt

Claudio Pazienza

'It’s meditation on the images that inhabit me or where I’d like to take exile. It’s a meditation on the meaning to give to the word ‘real’ and a meditation on love lost… images and words. It’s a meditation on grief, on the death of people close to me and the way to makes images of the noise of things and the world. It’s a meditation on the material of images, on what embodies them or makes them immaterial. It’s a meditation on what sometimes makes images silent. It’s a meditation on the desire to touch. It’s a meditation on the desire to destroy.’ Claudio Pazienza

Claudio Pazienza

Claudio Pazienza was born in Roccascalegna (Italy) in 1962 and arrived in Belgian Libourg a year later. He passed his Bac at L’Ecole Européene de Mol and then, in 1985, obtained a degree in Ethnology at the UniversiteÅL Libre of Belgium. He participated in amateur theatre and organised cinema retrospectives. He later directed documentaries for ARTE and produced several theme nights. In November 2003, the Centre Pompidou BPI held a retrospective of his works. He teaches the history of cinema and is a regular guest lecturer in several cinema schools.

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Scenes de chasse au sanglier

Belgium, France
2007, 46', color, video

Directed by:
Claudio Pazienza

Screenplay by:
Claudio Pazienza

Vincent Pinckaers, Claudio Pazienza Rachel Simoni, Rémon Fromont

Edited by:
Julien Contreau

Claudio Pazienza

Produced by:
Les Films du Présent