Fathers and Sons

Jimmy Rosenberg, the Father, the Son & the Talent

Jeroen Berkvens

Jimmy Rosenberg, the Dutch Romany guitarist, played some of Django Reinhardt’s most difficult solos already at the age of ten. Jimmy became a heroin addict at the age of nineteen. By this time, the millions had been spent. In the beginning of the film, Jimmy is in a psychiatric hospital and no longer on heroin. His father, sentenced to prison for murder, is about to be released. Both have reached a rock bottom and have to get back on their feet together. Father tries to help in his own way: he threatens to break his son’s magic hands, if he reverts to heroin use. At the same time, the archive material mercilessly shows how the reputation of the Rosenberg family has become tarnished; no-one has been left without scars.

Jeroen Berkvens

Jeroen Berkvens is born in 1968 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After finishing highschool he studied for 5 years at the AV & Cinematographic Design department of the Academy of Arts in Breda. In 1993 Jeroen graduated with the music documentary ‘Let Me Have It All’. Besides directing he occasionally produces documentaries. Filmography: Let Me Have It All (1993), Candy Strip & Fear Music (1994), Fields Where Once Troy (1995), Borderline Cases (1996), Little Big Rascals (1997), Mirror of Time (1998), Philip Morris Artprizes (1999), A Skin too Few (2000), Sound in Unison (2002).

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Jimmy Rosenberg, the Father, the Son & the Talent

2006, 78', color, video

Directed by:
Jeroen Berkvens

Ton Peters (N.S.C.)

Edited by:
Gys Zevenbergen

JeanMarc van Sambeek, Frank de Jonge, Suzanne van Voorst

Produced by:
IdtV Docs