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The Fall of Krajina

Filip Švarm

'The Fall of Krajina' is dealing with clandestine and still not quite explained political and diplomatic games that in August 1995 led to the fall of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and an ordeal of a large number of people. Former enemies from battlefields, generals of Croatian and Krajina troops, diplomats and negotiators talk about the events that preceded the fall. The testimonies of some of the protagonists cast a new light on the facts about the fall of RSK and indicate that Franjo Tuđman received a tacit approval for the ‘Operation Storm’ not only from Washington, but from Belgrade, too. Among other things, the authors are trying to answer the following questions: were Franjo Tuđman and Slobodan Milošević ‘the best enemies’ to each other? Who traded human lives and territory for fuel, money or cigarettes? Would the ordeal and exodus of hundreds of thousands of people be avoided had Krajina Serb leaders accepted the Z-4 Plan or would it simply postpone the Operation Storm for November?

Filip Švarm

Filip Švarm is a journalist and responsible editor of Serbian political weekly Vreme. He is the author of documentary films and series such as Jedinica (2006) and Pad Krajine (2006). He was a part of the team that worked on the documentary film Vukovar – posljednji rez of Janko Baljak and Drago Hedl.

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Pad Krajine

2007, 98', color, video

Directed by:
Filip Švarm

Screenplay by:
Filip Švarm, Radoslav Ćebić

Zoran Stojičić

Edited by:
Radoslav Ćebić

Zoran Uzelac

Produced by:
RTS, Vreme film