Controversial Dox

Daisy 3269

Kenneth Elvebakk

At the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, they have twelve window cows. These cows have a hole in the side of their body. But why do we want to know what is going on inside a cow? And how is the everyday life of the window cows? We follow a cow from her harmonious life in the stall until she has a large window operated into her side. Daisy’s existence is transformed from that of an ordinary cow to an object of research. Researchers are always coming into the cowshed and shoving a hand into one of Daisy’s four stomachs; students visit and doctorates are written. The window gives the scientists access to a treasure chest. An opening into the knowledge of tomorrow’s milk production. We follow Daisy and a number of other ‘research cows’ for six months, glimpsing life both in the stall and out in the fields with other cattle in the summer. And Daisy is to have her second calf in the autumn.

Kenneth Elvebakk

Kenneth Elvebakk, born 1966 at Hemnesberget, is educated from the University of Oslo, Norwegian School of Management and Oslo Film and Television Academy. He has made the award winning documentary ‘The Secret Club’ and received the Norwegian Television Award ‘Gullruten’ for ‘Hullabaloo’ (TV-series).

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Daisy 3269

2007, 25', color, video

Directed by:
Kenneth Elvebakk

Screenplay by:
Bjřrn Godřy, Kenneth Elvebakk

Torstein Nodland, Anna Myking, Martin Otterbeck

Edited by:
Torkel Gjřrv

Rune Denstad Langlo, Sigve Endresen

Produced by:
Motlys as